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Marketing Strategies We Used to Bootstrap Visme to over 4 Million users

Step-by-step instructions to all marketing strategies that helped Visme achieve exponential growth


What will you gain from this ebook?

  • Get access to Visme’s step-by-step marketing playbook
  • Learn how Visme got over 4 million users with 100% YOY growth with no outside funding
  • Learn how Visme is receiving over 1.4 million monthly organic traffic to its website
  • Get exclusive access to the blogger outreach software developed by the Visme team

At Visme, we are on a mission to help businesses and individuals create awesome looking visual content they can be proud of in minutes not hours.

In fact, over 1.4 million people flow through our website every single month with little to no advertising.

Not having multi-million dollar marketing budgets did not stop Visme from achieving consistent growth year after year.

And now, we want to give you a first look at how we did it.

That’s why our team spent over 450 hours, documenting every single strategy we’ve used to grow the company in a step-by-step format.

If getting access to this goldmine is not enough, you’ll also gain access to the outreach software we developed internally to spread the word about our brand.

What's inside


Content Marketing

  • A comprehensive look inside Visme’s content strategy
  • The step-by-step process for writing blog posts with SEO in mind
  • Our modified infographic marketing technique
  • How do scale guest posting to earn quality backlinks
  • Video marketing: creating educational content

Influencer Marketing & PR

  • Getting featured on “Best X in the Market” lists
  • How to get reviewed by relevant creators and influencers on an ongoing basis
  • How to successfully launch and manage an affiliate program
  • The process of getting consistent press coverage by relevant journalists in your space
  • How to earn quality backlinks to your website by analyzing your competitors

Co-marketing (Partnerships)

  • How to come up with a mutually beneficial partnership idea
  • The process of finding suitable partners and how to contact them
  • How to help your partners hold their end of the bargain

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