How to Make Information Beautiful: A Video Series for Non-Designers.

Hi there! If you’ve ever wondered how you can create beautiful visual content like a pro, without actually becoming a graphic designer, this video is for you.

Watch as Visme founder Payman Taei gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming video series, especially created for non-designers.

Length: 2:14 Level: Beginner

Video Transcript

In a world inundated with visual information, you know you need to create beautiful content to engage your audience, but do you have the tools and resources you need?

Hi, I’m founder of Visme and I’m really excited to tell you about a new initiative we’re launching that will help you become a more effective visual communicator.

15 years ago I started to teach myself how to design and this led me to start my own Web Design agency HindSite Interactive which has won several awards and Visme, an easy-to-use visual content tool used in over 100 countries, and over the course of the last 15 years I’ve noticed a big problem in communication:


90% of the information consumed by our brain is Visual.

Humans are visual beings. and we’ve been communicating visually for thousands of years. Cavemen communicated with cave paintings and petroglyphs while Egyptians used Hieroglyphics.

Fast forward to today: we’re using various forms of graphics such as memes, videos, presentations and most recently infographics.


Allegedly, 65% of population are visual learners.

Think about it: 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. You remember 80% of what you see, but only 20% of what you read.

Yet amazingly, the majority of the population have little to no knowledge on effective visual communication.

That is why my team and I have decided to launch the “Make Information Beautiful” initiative.

This series is not about making you into a graphic designer. Most of you don’t have the time to learn the theory behind graphic design.

So my plan is to give you practical, actionable advice that can be applied right away. And you can use it with any tool and for virtually any design medium.

That’s why no matter what your profession and where you’re from this series is going to teach how to communicate visually; to help you improve the way you present, to market your business or start-up or teach and communicate with your team.

Join me on this journey. Let’s get started!

10:01     Beginner

Episode 1: Graphic Design Rules for Non-Designers

Video Series: A list of the most important graphic design rules all non-designers should learn to make empower their communication with professional-looking visual content.

Visual Design Principles - 5 Things to Create Visual Content
9:47     Beginner

Episode 2: Visual Design Principles - Learn 5 Things to Create Stand-Out Visual Content

Video Series: This episode covers Visual Design Principles where to communicate visually, you have to understand how humans absorb visual information. A problem with visually designed content is that people too often create visuals for the camera and not for humans.

Font combination and Font pairing guide
11:11     Beginner

Episode 3: Font combinations - The ultimate guide to pairing fonts

Font combinations: there are so many fonts available but non-designers make the mistake of not pairing the right types of fonts. Watch this Video guide to find out which fonts go well together.

06:49     Beginner

Episode 4: The 6 Things You Need to Do Before You Create Your Presentation

The easy-to-follow guide to help you create compelling Presentations like a pro. Covers the six steps to follow before you start creating your Presentation.

  • Ben Beck

    65% of people are visual learners. Such a great reason to leverage infographics in your marketing! Thanks Payman for the great video series!

    • Thanks Ben. I’m glad you are enjoying them. more to come.

  • Linda

    Thank you very much for this! A friend referred your page to me and I am most impressed with your teaching style and your visual choices. I am finding it most helpful both as examples and to help me with small tweaks that I can apply to take my work to a higher level.

    • Thank you Linda for the feedback. Glad you found your way here. I will be launching also multi-part videos such as one coming on Presentations in near future and other formats and will course show some examples as well.

  • Wow this is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual.
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