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Micronutrient Facts – why we need vitamins and minerals

While we need to gobble up on macronutrients to function and thrive – carbonhydrates, fats and proteins – we only need micronutrients – vitamins and minerals – on a minute level to stay healthy. That’s why they are called micronutrients. If macronutrients are the building blocks of life, micronutrients are the

But the importance of micronutrients cannot be judged by the amount that is needed for a healthy intake. In fact, micronutrients are so overlooked in the global diet that even the minimum required intake are often not met. Report says 90% of Americans have insufficient amounts of essential micronutrients.

The consequence of micronutrient deficiency can be quite devastating. For example, lack of Iodine can result in goiter, mental retardation, or reduced cognitive function. 18 million babies are born mentally impaired due to maternal iodine deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of blindness in children, and can lead to increased risk of death from infections.

In this infographic, we look at public research data on micronutrient to breakdown the concept of micronutrient, why we need them in a healthy diet, and common food sources for the most critical micronutrients.

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