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Free YouTube Thumbnail Maker for Professional Thumbnails

  • – Easy-to-customize thumbnail maker.
  • – Lots of templates to choose from.
  • – Add your own visuals and choose your fonts.
  • – Download as a JPEG or PNG image.
Create Your Thumbnail It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make Thumbnails in 5 Steps

A thumbnail is the face of your video on social media. Creating YouTube thumbnails with your video title and visuals has never been easier. Visme's free thumbnail maker has plenty of professional templates to choose from. You can customize images, graphics, colors, and fonts to match your video. Download easily as an image file and upload to YouTube as a video cover.

  • Log in to the Visme editor to start a new project. Click on the social graphics tab, then the YouTube icon.
  • Choose the template you like most or choose a blank canvas.
  • Add the title and relevant information about your video.
  • Use photos and graphics from the left-hand menu or upload your own.
  • Download your design as an image file straight from the thumbnail maker app and upload to YouTube.

Features of the Thumbnail Maker

Create beautiful custom thumbnails with a template, customize it completely by updating fonts, colors, photos and more, and download the end product to upload to your YouTube channel.

Beautiful thumbnail templates

Jumpstart your YouTube video thumbnail creation process by getting started with one of our pre-designed templates. Find a template that fits your vision and add in your brand fonts and colors to match it to your video.

Create Your Thumbnail

Build your thumbnail

Visme makes it easy to design YouTube thumbnails to look exactly how you want them. Search for shapes, icons, photos and more to bring your design to life. Upload screenshots or still shots from your video to match your thumbnail to your content.

Customize every aspect of your thumbnail to match your brand and video

Use your brand’s colors and fonts to create custom thumbnails for your video. Changing the fonts, backgrounds and shapes is easy in the thumbnail maker. Apply a color scheme with one click or create your own. The online YouTube thumbnail maker allows you to conveniently choose from millions of images and apply color overlays and filters.

More Great Features of the Thumbnail Maker

Premade thumbnail templates to jumpstart your design
Hundreds of thousands of icons and photos to choose from
Add in your own branded fonts and colors to make it your own
Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
Use shapes to create calls-to-action right in your video thumbnail
Quickly and easily download an image file to upload to YouTube

Share Your Thumbnail

You can create and share your YouTube thumbnail quickly and easily with Visme’s best free thumbnail maker. Download the finished graphic from the thumbnail generator as a JPEG or PNG image. Upload the thumbnail to YouTube for the world to see.


What is a Thumbnail?

A thumbnail is the cover photo of a video that appears in search and on your channel on YouTube before clicking through to watch your video. This means you want to make your thumbnail as enticing as possible, to get as many users to click through and watch your video as possible.

Use the thumbnail maker to create beautiful video covers in minutes.

Choose one of the customizable video cover templates in the YouTube thumbnail maker. Add your visuals and the title of your video. Place your information into the template by selecting the corresponding area and pasting it in. All sections can be edited for shape, location and size. New sections for text, icons and graphics can be added from the left-hand panel.

Create Your Thumbnail

More Than a Thumbnail Maker

Create custom YouTube thumbnails in minutes using all of the design elements available to you in the thumbnail maker. With a massive library of images, graphics, fonts and more, you’ll be able to create free custom thumbnails that are beautiful and effective.

Images and Graphics

  • Customize any template with your own images or tap into our built-in graphic assets
  • Choose from millions of free images for commercial or editorial use
  • Select from thousands of icons and customize the color scheme to fit your brand and content

Create Your Thumbnail

Choose Your Own Fonts

  • Select from hundreds of the most popular fonts on the web and change the size of the text
  • Choose from all types of styles, such as script, slab, serif and sans serif
  • Upload your own fonts using the Visme Brand Kit which is available under the Premium plan

Thumbnail Templates

Visme’s selection of free thumbnail templates make it easy to create YouTube thumbnails your audience will love. Browse the templates below or view the full library to find a thumbnail that fits your brand, your YouTube channel and your video content.

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How to Use the Thumbnail Maker

  • Create and edit your next YouTube video with your favorite video editor app.
  • Organize the information to be placed on the thumbnail for your video. Gather the visuals you would like to add.
  • To use our best free thumbnail maker, log in to Visme and click on the social graphics tab.
  • Once inside the thumbnail generator, choose the template which best fits your purpose. You can also use a blank canvas.
  • Add your visuals into the template. You can use your own or find some in the graphics tab on the left-hand panel.
  • Enter your video title so it’s easy to read. Change the font and color to match your brand and video.
  • If using shapes, icons or other graphics, customize their size and color until everything is balanced.
  • Download your video thumbnail as a high resolution JPEG or PNG image.
  • Upload and insert your thumbnail into the YouTube video editor and set it as the video cover.

Questions About the Thumbnail Maker

  • How much does it cost to create a video thumbnail with the thumbnail maker?

    It’s completely free to design a video thumbnail with Visme. Download it easily as an image file.

  • Are the thumbnail templates fully customizable?

    Yes. Everything inside the template can be changed, resized, moved, or removed.

  • Can I use my Brand Kit to create video thumbnails with Visme?

    Yes, all the assets in your Brand Kit are available to use with the thumbnail generator. To have a Brand Kit, you’ll need to upgrade to a Standard Plan.

  • Is it easy to add the thumbnail I make into my YouTube channel?

    It’s so easy! After you download the image from the thumbnail maker, you just have to add it as the thumbnail in your video settings.

  • Can I use a screenshot from my video as the thumbnail?

    Yes, all you have to do is add it as an image when designing. Then you can add your text and information on top to finish the thumbnail.

  • What is the standard YouTube thumbnail size?

    The optimal sizing for YouTube video thumbnails is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall, with a minimum width of 640 pixels. A 16:9 ratio is ideal. If you use Visme’s thumbnail maker for YouTube, the templates are already optimal sizing.


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