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Scatter Plot Templates

Create accurate and professional-looking plots in minutes with Visme's scatter plot templates. Looking to create attractive scatter plots for a final report? You can save time by tapping into our customizable scatter plot templates. Simply choose the style you want and update the information with your own data.

Scatter Plot Templates
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Scatter Plot Templates by Visme

Visme’s customizable scatter plot templates allow you to create professional-looking graphs in minutes. Simply choose a template and customize anything to your needs. Adjust the font style, size and text placement; change the color of your background or even upload your own image background and apply filters or overlays; turn gridlines on or off; insert additional graphic elements to highlight main points in your scatter plot.

Visme scatter plot templates also allows you to create other types of data visuals, such as pie, bar, line, doughnut and pyramid charts in 2D and 3D formats. You can easily upload your own data as an Excel file or Google Sheet. If you use the latter, all changes made to your data after synching will be reflected in your scatter plot. Create your own scatter plot today!