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Added Sugar Infographic for Reducing Sugar

The downside of sugar consumption is well known to society, and overconsumption of sugar is easily frowned upon by many. Effectively reducing sugar in our daily diet requires knowledge such as sugar calories, added sugar food sources, and recommended daily sugar intake etc.

Over the past 30 years, American adult added sugar consumption has increased by over 30%. The public needs to be educated on the fundamentals of added sugar effects to make informed decision to reduce sugar in their diet. Added sugars are sugar or syrup added to food and drinks when they are being processed or prepared. Compared to sugar naturally found in foods, added sugar provides no nutritional value, only excess calories.

Added sugar is known to be responsible for obesity, type II diabetes, tooth decay and heart disease. Overconsumption of added sugar over long periods of time can lead to imbalance of hormones that drive critical function of our cardiovascular systems. Also, increases of glucose in the bloodstream because of sugar consumption will cause our body to store more sugar calories as fat. Added sugar is a known contributor to obesity.

A healthy diet should not contain added sugar. In this infographic, we perused public health data for at average American adult’s added sugar intake and compared that with AHA/WHO recommended sugar intake amount, so that you can be aware how much grams of sugar per day should you aim for. While it might be impractical and unnecessary to adopt a no added sugar diet, we look at main sources of sugar in our diet for you to cut down on the daily intake.

 Added Sugar Infographic for Reducing Sugar

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