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Make stunning YouTube intros in minutes.

  • – Easy-to-use YouTube intro maker.
  • – Customized templates to fit any intro video.
  • – Download your intro and add into your video.
Create Your Intro It’s free and easy to use.
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How to Make YouTube Intros in 5 Steps

YouTube video intros are crucial assets for your videos. However, not every creator has the ability to invest in expensive video assets. Using Visme’s free YouTube intro maker you can create your own intro online in 5 simple steps.

  • Click the blue Create button at the bottom of this page to head over to the editor.
  • Pick from our vast selection of professionally designed templates to get started.
  • Add your text using our completely flexible and fully customizable intro maker engine.
  • Include visual assets, animations and custom soundtracks.
  • When you’re happy, simply export the YouTube intro clips and edit into your video.

Features of the Intro Maker

Design an eye-catching intro video and make an impact on your audience with Visme’s online video intro maker. The Visme intro creator engine is packed with intuitive features and beautiful assets to help spark your creativity.

Beautiful intro templates

The Visme YouTube intro maker comes with professionally designed templates to help you control the overall look and feel of your video. Find the template that resembles the look you’re going for and start customizing with animations and video clips.

Create Your Intro

Build your YouTube intro

Visme gives you all the capabilities you need to create custom YouTube video intros. You can both realize your creative vision and make an impact with your audience. Start the process by adding text, visuals and music to your video.

Customize every aspect of your intro video to engage your audience

Visme’s free online intro maker makes it easy to showcase your brand and engage your audience on YouTube. You can easily add visual assets like logos, colors, fonts and existing marketing graphics for easy use during the creation process. Incorporate video clips and animations to further enhance your viewer experience.

More Great Features of the Intro Maker

Modern, professionally designed YouTube video intro templates
Fully customizable graphics and transitions to improve your intro
The popular and beautiful fonts that communicate the message of your channel
Easy to use design tools, built for with the non-video editor in mind
Experiment with existing color schemes or create your own
Export the finished YouTube intro as a high-quality video file

Share Your YouTube Intro

The Visme video intro maker is built with your YouTube channel goals in mind. When you’re done with creating your own intro, it’s easy to export your video and easily upload the final product to YouTube.


What is an Intro?

Your intro is a crucial component of your video. It gives your audience a quick overview on what your video will be about, and gives you a way to grab audience attention right from the very beginning of your YouTube video.

Use the intro maker app to represent your brand on YouTube.

Visme’s intro maker for YouTube has professionally designed templates available for channels across the spectrum. This makes designing a YouTube intro that fits your channels style an easy process. This free online intro maker empowers you to choose from many visual assets that are ready to showcase your awesome channel.

Create Your Intro

More Than an Intro Maker

Visme’s easy-to-use video intro maker unlocks your ability to make free video intros fast. Learn more about the video intro makers features.

Videos and Animated Elements

  • Library full of hand-picked stock video clips and audio bytes
  • Animated illustrations and graphics to pop out of your video
  • Special effects and transitions to create a seamless video intro

Create Your Intro

Font Library

  • Create beautiful typography from hundreds of free fonts, including popular typefaces
  • Decide between serif, san serif, script and slab fonts to represent your channel
  • Have your own brand fonts? Upload them for your intro using the Visme brand kit

Intro Templates

Visme’s free YouTube intro maker is filled with pre-designed templates. These templates make it simple to make free video intros that you can customize to fit your needs. Design a YouTube intro for free with our professionally designed visual elements available in the Visme intro maker for YouTube. Browse our template library and find the best fit.


How to Use the Intro Maker

  • Log in to Visme click the blue Create button on the left sidebar to get started creating your next YouTube intro video.
  • Open the intro creator by clicking on the video templates tab and then the YouTube intro icon.
  • Select the pre-designed template that makes the most sense for your goals and your video.
  • Upload any visual elements you want to add into the intro like brand fonts, video clips or photos.
  • Add design elements right into your intro by dragging them from the sidebar. Choose from stock photos, stock videos, shapes, illustrations, icons and more.
  • Incorporate sound or music into your intro by selecting an audio track from our library or importing a custom track.
  • Add some dynamic visual motion with animations, transitions and video clips.
  • Download the finished product as a high-quality video and edit into the beginning of your new video.

Questions About the Intro Maker

  • How much does it cost to use the YouTube intro maker?

    It’s 100% free to create your intro with Visme. To download as a video file, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan.

  • Can I upload my own videos into the intro maker?

    Yes! Any Visme user with a business plan can import their own videos into the video intro engine. If you need any stock videos, we have plenty of options in the left-hand panel, along with other visual assets like animations, images and more!

  • What if I can’t find a template I like?

    We have a huge selection of free video intro templates in the intro maker, but just in case there isn’t one that catches your attention, you can always create from a blank canvas.

  • Can I add music to my intro video?

    Yes, you can click on our music icon and add a music track to your video or upload a custom track you’ve created or have copyright ownership of.

  • Is it easy to download the intro video when I’m done?

    Yes! All you need to do is export as an MP4 video file, which is easy to do as long as you have a premium plan.

  • Does the video intro maker have templates for all types of videos?

    Our templates are designed for many types of channels. The vast majority of our users find a template that fits their vision. However, you can always take advantage of our customization options to create an intro that’s an exact match for your YouTube needs.


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